Welcome to Markham MedVents!

Markham MedVents Crest

The MedVents started 2015 in the City of Markham and migrating to the City of Richmond Hill where we are located today. Our group, 1st Markham York Region MedVents, also known as Markham MedVents, offers both a Scouting and a Vocation program. We encourage current Scouting members to remain registered with their current group and have Markham MedVents as their cross-registered group. In this case, you can attend our meeting for the vocational program. Your Scouting program will remain with your primary registered group.

We have a partner group in the Newmarket area, located in Sharon Ontario. When working together we are called the York Region MedVents. Both of these groups are sponsored by York Region Paramedic Services.

The aim of this site is to provide information about the Markham MedVent program.

Our group is located in the Shining Waters Council.