How to become a MedVent.

The 1st Markham York Region MedVents is opened to any youth, young adult or adult volunteer willing to subscribe to the criteria set out by Scouts Canada and by the MedVents program.

Our members are Venturers (Youths, ages 15 to 17), Rovers (Young Adults, ages 18 to 26) and Advisors (Adult Volunteers, 26+).

This is a Scouts Canada program, so all our members are Scouts Canada members. If you were not a member before joining MedVents, you will also register you as a Scouts Canada member when registering with us. Some of our members are Scouts Canada members before joining our program. They may chose to stay registered with their current group and continue to wear your group's necker.

No experience is necessary. We will provide you with all the necessary training. We need you to bring your willingness to learn and your willingness to put your training into practice. You get to wear an awesome uniform too. We hope you do not mind you standing out in a crowd. Well, we like to be noticed!

Interested? Not sure about joining? Would you like more information? Want us to have chat with your members and Advisors? Want to attend an information session? To contact us use our contact page. For potential youth/participant) members we encourage that a parent or guardian accompany you to your information session. These sessions are only available during our regular meeting nights.

To learn more about MedVents program check out follow this link and find out

For 2017-2018, Scouts Canada has moved to online registrations only. Your first year fee depends on your training, and acceptable equipment that you may have. Your actual fee will be discussed at your first meeting with us.